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32nd Judicial District Court

Judge Glen Harrison

Court History

The 32nd Judicial District Court was created in 1885 and was initially comprised of the following seventeen counties: Nolan, Mitchell, Howard, Lynn, Martin, Borden, Midland, Ector, Andrews, Gaines, Dawson, Terry, Yoakum, Glasscock, Crane, Upton and Garza.

The number of counties was gradually reduced over the years, and the 32nd Judicial District is currently comprised of Fisher, Mitchell and Nolan Counties.


1. William Kennedy (1885-1897)

2. William Robert Smith (1897-1902)

3. James Leftwich Shepherd (1903-1912)

4. Warren Walter Beall (1913-1920)

5. William Pharmer Leslie (1920-1926)

6. Fritz R. Smith (1927-1932)

7. Albert S. Mauzey (1932-1960)

8. Eldon B. Mahon (1961-1963)

9. Austin O. McCloud (1963-1970)

10. Weldon Kirk (1971-2000)

11. Glen Harrison (2000-present)

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